Owners & Mentors

Elaine Fritshaw• Broker of Record/Owner 
If you’re looking for elite, top producing agent in the Niagara Region for nearly a decade, don't be surprised to hear Elaine Fritshaw’s name as a common reference.  Acclaimed in the industry with numerous awards and records, and with sales in the multi - millions per calendar year, Elaine’s expertise covers the entire spectrum of real estate acumen.  Attributing her success to the loyalty of her clients, whose relationships she prides as her own, Elaine’s market intelligence and savvy is off the charts, which is why she is a valued Mentor and Broker of Record.  Elaine is a generous contributor to up and coming realtors and an unparalleled resource to new and experienced representatives alike. 
Although her newfound responsibility as Broker of Record and Owner is well deserved, Elaine is fully committed to providing both sellers and buyers full representation in all real estate needs.  Her creative and interactive marketing strategies are often duplicated but never replicated with the same passion and confidence.  Her future goals include expanding her clientele through customer satisfaction, assuming a leadership role in creating “team oriented” sales platforms, and diversifying our mentorship program with new and innovating daily teaching practices. The Evoke team is ecstatic to be lead by her outgoing personality.
Eddy Pybus• Sales Representative/Owner
For over a decade, Eddy Pybus has been redefining luxury sales in the Niagara Region, in his earlier career Eddy traveled the globe as an international sales and marketing executive in the luxury goods industry. Today, he specializes in bringing people together with the luxury real estate opportunities of their dreams. Consistently a top performer, Eddy attributes his success with the Evoke Team to what he calls the three “I”’s- integrity, innovation and business intelligence in one of the most exciting markets in Canada”. Given his long standing relationships, sophisticated service and the most advanced marketing techniques, its not surprising that clients at the top end of market choose Eddy as the fastest and most reliable way to get the deal done. 
Eddy takes a strategic approach to developing new talent, his mentoring inspires newcomers, as well as experienced agents, with the knowledge and tools required to quickly respond to the needs of their clients and build a portfolio of they own in the luxury sector.  As a result, Eddy’s apprentices, colleagues and clients have all come to depend upon his market leadership as a quintessential resource in the Niagara Region.  If knowledge is power, then Eddy Pybus is certainly one of the foremost powerhouses in the Niagara luxury real estate market.